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Enhance your mind, transform your body, slow biological aging, and perform at your new potential. This cheat sheet contains cutting-edge tools from modern medicine and the most powerful time-proven ancestral medicine protocols.


Technology & Tools

5+ Best CGMs for Healthy Biohackers 2024 Review & Comparison

Choosing the right CGM system is a matter of knowing what features…

FoodMarble AIRE Review [2023]: Uncover Hidden Food Intolerances & Gut Dysbiosis (SIBO, SIFO)

FoodMarble is the best overall digestive tracker. This review explores the science…

Biohacking Best Infrared Saunas

9 Best Infrared Saunas for Your Home [2023 Unbiased Review]

Infrared saunas are a powerful tool to biohack your health & performance.…

Biostrap EVO Ultimate Review

Biostrap EVO Review [2022]: #1 New Wearable For Athletes & Pro Biohackers?

Looking for the ultimate self-quantification wearable? Consider the Biostrap EVO

NutriSense CGM Review

Nutrisense CGM Review (2023): Lose Weight & Optimize Blood Sugar

NutriSense makes the top CGM for biohackers and health optimizers. Learn why…

Lumen Device to Hack Your Metabolism

Lumen Metabolism Tracker Review [2023]: Your Pocket Weight Loss Coach?

Lumen is a popular device used to track, and "hack" your metabolism.…

Luminousred Model 2 Pro Review: Best Red Light Therapy Panel?

Luminousred Review [2023]: #1 Pro Red Light Therapy Device?

Most red light therapy panels are deceptive biohacking scams. After years of…

Best Blood, Breath, Urine Ketone Meters Review

7 Best Blood & Breath Ketone Meters (2023 Review)

Ketone meters help quantify your health & performance progress. Choose wisely.

Amazon Halo vs Garmin Fenix Comparison & Review

Amazon Halo vs. Garmin Review: The Fitness Lover’s Wearable?

Garmin is the age-old leader of fitness tracking. Does the new Amazon…

Best Biohacking Apps, Software, Tech

33+ Awesome Biohacking Apps, Software & Tech to Upgrade Your Health

The latest biohacking apps can transform, simplify, and upgrade your wellbeing.

Amazon Halo vs Oura Ring: Comparison & Review

Amazon Halo vs Oura Ring: A New Favorite?

How does Amazon's new wearable called the Halo compare to the classic…

Amazon Halo Wearable Review 2021

Amazon Halo Review [2022]: Creepy & Invasive Yet Useful? (Read Before Buying)

Is Amazon Halo a promising new wearable? Or clandestine wrist-mounted spyware?

Best HRV Biofeedback Devices & Monitors

11 Top HRV Biofeedback Systems (2023 Review) Used by Pros

This technology can train you to enter peak brain states. Get more…

AquaTru Reverse Osmosis System Review

AquaTru Review year: The #1 Best Water Filtration System?

Life doesn't exist without quality water. Here's why I chose AquaTru over…

Nick Urban’s Peak Performance Supplement Stack

The supplements I currently take and when.

Best Molecular Hydrogen Tablets Products

5 Best Molecular Hydrogen Tablets of 2024: H2 Review & Comparison

The safe & effective anti-aging biohack proven by 1,000+ studies.

DIY Build Near Infrared (NIR) Sauna Light Therapy

5-Minute Guide to Building a Near Infrared Sauna (& Save $4,351)

I regularly build homemade near infrared saunas. Done right, DIY NIR saunas…

Oura Ring Data Insights: Tips Tricks Hacks

17+ Oura Ring Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Perfect Sleep (Recover Like a Pro)

The "now what" after you get your Oura Ring.

Cornet ED88TPlus EMF Meter Review

Cornet ED88TPlus Review & Comparison [2022]: Read Before Buying

Are you protected against EMFs? From sleep issues to brain fog, decoding…

Oura Ring Review: It It Still Worth It?

Oura Ring [2022]: Honest Review After 7+ Years of Daily Use

The Oura was one of the first biohacker-approved wearables on the market.…

IrisTech Review [2023]: #1 Best Blue Light Filtering App?

I rely heavily on software. This one saves your energy, sleep, and…

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