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Super Slow Strength Training: Build Muscle in 12 Minutes Weekly

Going to the gym doesn't necessarily mean you have to go hard and lift heavy weights all the time. You'll find that slow strength training…

IrisTech Review [2023]: #1 Best Blue Light Filtering App?

I rely heavily on software. This one saves your energy, sleep, and eyes.

Biohacker Basics: Pillars of Health & Peak Performance

Understand the basics and find your weakest link before moving on to the fancy stuff.

22 Discoveries From 553+ Successful Fasts (and Many Unsuccessful)

I've gone through the highs and lows of fasting. Here are my observations from hundreds of fasts.

Farmers Markets: The Superior Source of Tasty & Nutritious Food

Grocery shopping through local farms has never been easier. You can stockpile months of high-quality groceries for cheap.

21 Benefits of Walking 10,000 Steps Daily

Easy movement throughout the day makes up the base of quality fitness plans. These 21 benefits barely scratch the surface.

Quick 3-Step EMF Protection Process

EMFs are a silent threat to your wellbeing. You can neutralize them and go about life with a few quick hacks.

Best Biohacking Booklist For Peak Performance, Health & Wellness

31 Best Biohacking Books [2023]: Cutting-Edge Science & Timeless Wisdom

These timeless biohacking books & cutting-edge masterpieces deliver the critical info you won't get in articles, videos, or podcasts.

The Only 3 Portable Fitness Gear You’ll Ever Need (And Bonuses)

I'm constantly on the go, and I rely on a select few items to keep me in peak shape year-round.

Barefoot Shoes: How to Get Stronger & Prevent Nagging Injuries

Are you wearing heavily padded shoes to save your body from the wear and tear of running? Modern science suggests returning to your older roots.

10 Critical Dangers of Running (Making You Fat, Injured, & Unhappy)

Before embarking on your next run, there are a few things that might make you consider.

23 Biohacking Influencers You Must Follow: 2024 Update

Follow multiple sources to extract your own powerful insights.

Best Dietary Supplement Brands & Companies

7 Top Trustworthy Supplement Brands (That You Should Use)

The supplement industry is shady and products often do more harm than good. These companies are changing that.

Taking even a short break from watching, reading, and listening to the news can greatly improve your health.

7 Benefits to a 7-Day News Detox

A news detox can benefit your mood, happiness, mental health, body, immune system, and more.

6 Innocent Foods Jam-Packed With Hidden Sugar

If removing sugar from your diet isn't tricky enough, there are a number of seemingly healthy foods that can hinder your progress.

19 Common Keto Mistakes to Avoid

The premise behind the ketogenic diet is simple. A number of common mistakes can stall your progress or even set you back.

Effective hydration on the cellular level

11 Benefits of Deep & Effective Hydration (Top Non-Water Sources)

Hydration impacts everything from weight loss to brain function. Water is only one component of deep, cellular hydration.

You perform your best when you breathe properly.

3 Costly Breathing Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Just because we breathe automatically, doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to it. How you breathe can dramatically alter how you perform, feel, and even…

Research shows creatine supplements benefit the mind in a variety of ways.

Nootropic Creatine: A Time-Tested Super Supplement

Creatine is the most proven fitness-enhancing supplement. That's not all. Recent studies show it has powerful brainpower boosting effects as well.

The Weight Loss Biohack Stolen From Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders have known fat burning secrets for decades. The fasted morning walk is especially potent. Try it today.

Best Cheap & Free Biohacks

29 Top FREE Biohacks You Can Try Today

Biohacking can get expensive, but it doesn't need to. Make sure to complete the free optimizations before going to the fancy stuff.

Self-Quantification Heart Beat

Self-Quantification to Self-Optimization

Measuring progress is the first step toward improvement. Choose what you will track first.

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