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Biohacking Basics

Biohacking Beginner to Pro in 7 Days

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Biohacking Beginner to Pro How To Challenge
Biohacking Beginner to Pro How To Challenge

Biohacking is optimizing everything that goes in, on, or around your body.

Instead of outsourcing it to your local “professional”, you take control.

Resulting in long-term optimal health, wellness, and performance. Extending both lifespan and the quality of those years (healthspan).

So that you can enjoy more of your favorite things in life, for longer.

Expert biohackers make it unnecessarily complicated. Every day, taking 150+ pills, devoting most of the day to fringe protocols, and spending their life savings on novel machines.

This quick guide will take you from a beginning biohacker to an expert within just one week. By the end, you’ll have the tools you need to start feeling improvements today.

Day 1: Defining Biohacking

There’s no single universally agreed-upon definition of biohacking.

To most biohackers, it’s something like this…

Biohacking is the art and science of controlling our biology via personal n=1 experimentation and controlling what goes in, on, or around our body Share on X

To some, biohacking includes simple and ancient lifestyle practices like spending time outdoors. Or moving their body.

On the opposite end, some extremists consider biohacking to be nothing short of implanting RFID chips under their skin. Or using CRISPR to edit genes.

Most biohackers sit somewhere in the middle. Optimizing things like exercise, sleep, stress reduction, breathing patterns, diet and nutrition, cognition, body composition, relationships, and even spiritual practices.

The core idea behind biohacking is that we have tremendous control over virtually every aspect of our existence:

  • Energy
  • Motivation
  • Focus
  • Stress
  • Relaxation
  • Confidence
  • Appearance
  • Productivity
  • Happiness
  • Mastery

Usually, the process begins with establishing a baseline. Qualitative and/or quantitative. The easiest entry point to begin is via a wearable like the Apple Watch, or better yet, the Oura ring.

To delve deeper, this guide will answer exactly what biohacking is and isn’t.

If you come across any complicated language, I wrote this biohacker’s glossary of common terms and phrases.

Day 2: How To Start Biohacking

One of the best ways to begin biohacking is to add some sources of biohacking wisdom. Biohacking education takes many forms.

I’ve compiled lists for every kind of learner:

  • Best biohacking courses, trainings, and education
  • Best biohacking podcasts
  • Best biohacking blogs & websites
  • Best biohacking groups and online communities

Now, all this information at once can get quite overwhelming. That’s why I created a newsletter.

In it, I slowly introduce the most important concepts, resources, and even exclusive deals I come across.

Signing up is quick, free, and simple. Just click here.

If you want some quick inspiration right now, I created this roundup of some great free & cheap biohacks you can try today.

Or, another great place to begin, is to conduct an Outliyr Habits review. This list will help you find the easiest things that will yield you the greatest results.

Now that you’ve subscribed, saved, and bookmarked these powerful information sources, let’s get more specific.

Day 3: Biohacking Your Gut Health

For 5,000+ years, ancient medical systems have espoused something that modern science has only begun to grasp.

What you eat—and particularly how your body processes that food (metabolism)—is the foundation of all health and wellness.

Just like a car needs gas, motor oil, and fluids to run, so your body requires particular nutrients.

One of the first areas to focus on is nutrition, specifically gut health. Some ways to do this include:

  • Cut down on alcohol, NSAIDs, and gut disruptors
  • Deep cellular hydration
  • Reduce processed foods and industrial vegetable/seed oils
  • Soak, sprout, or ferment foods high in “anti-nutrients”
  • Learn to buffer & biohack chronic stressors
  • Consume prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics to generate postbiotics (like butyrate)
  • Use ample amino acids, especially glutamine

The adage “you are what you eat” is only partially correct. Better yet…

You are what you eat, *absorb* and then *assimilate* into your tissues Share on X

That’s why the gut is often called the “second brain”. Without a well-functioning gut, the cleanest, most expensive organic and biodynamic foods actually accelerate the onset of disease.

Great gut health largely consists of three things:

  • Removal of overly inflammatory foods and substances
  • Optimized mitochondria to turn food into energy
  • Fiber and polyphenols to balance the microbiome

Improve your gut health, and watch your energy levels, mood, mental clarity, skin, immunity, longevity, weight loss, and even athleticism improve.

These principles hold whether you decide to go keto, carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or skip dieting altogether (AKA the Standard American Diet).

Day 4: Biohacking Your Rest & Recovery

No one wants to talk about rest and recovery. They’re not sexy or exciting.

Yet R&R is profoundly important!

Some components of it include:

  • Sleep
  • Napping
  • Relaxation
  • Recovery
  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • De-stressing

Repair, regeneration, and growth occur during downtime.

Sleep is quite possibly the most important thing you do every 24 hours. Ample sleep quantity and quality make all of your health, wellness, and performance goals easier and more effective.

That’s why new and professional biohackers alike focus on optimizing sleep.

A few quick sleep tips include:

  • Avoid food within 1-3 hours before bed
  • Reduce exposure to bright and/or blue lights close to bed
  • Build a consistent bedtime routine to improve your circadian health
  • Limit stimulating thoughts, activities, work, conversations, and of course, drugs like caffeine
  • Establish your sleep palace as a dark, quiet, cool, and low-stress room
  • Regulate the temperature of your body and room via AC, Eight Sleep, or wearing socks
  • Certain supplements like glycine, taurine, magnesium, hemp, and GABA can make a dramatic difference

You can also work on your other components of bodily regeneration using these top recovery biohacks.

R&R isn’t just the factor that often separates gold-medal-winning athletes from the rest. It’s also the foundation of all long-term performance.

Even highly advanced Holistic CHEK Practitioners often overlook the importance of what Paul calls “Doctor Quiet”.

Push too hard, for too long, without adequate recovery, and you’ll burn out.

Today, choose one facet of your sleep and general recovery to work on.

Day 5: Biohacking Your Body To Lose Weight Fast & Long-Term

Want to build muscle or burn body fat? To rapidly transform and biohack your body over the long term.

Here’s the sad truth…

After two years of dieting, 97% of dieters regain more weight than before they started dieting Share on X

Transforming your body is equal parts art and science. And there’s a secret that the professionals know that most people don’t.

The best way to shed body fat isn’t merely to restrict calories and starve yourself. Nor is it about meticulously weighing every gram of food you consume. You don’t even need hours of cardio.

In fact, each of those can be counterproductive!

The best way to rapidly and sustainably burn fat is to optimize your immune system. Combine that with resistance training, walking, and a few other powerful weight loss biohacks and you have a winning strategy.

Core body transformation principles include:

  • Bioharmonizing your gut
  • Daily fasted morning walks
  • Metabolic health improvements
  • Limiting exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals
  • Deep hydration
  • Personalized nutrition
  • Ample sleep time and quality
  • Generating high levels of cellular energy

Whether you’re looking to build muscle and/or strength, or just lean out, you’ll want to focus on biohacking your mitochondria for maximum energy. Transformation takes a ton of bodily resources.

Including, tons of energy.

You’ll also want to optimize your hormones—which are full-body messengers that amplify your results. Then strategically balance your brain chemicals to make the changes easy and enjoyable (more on that next).

You can certainly enjoy stunning success without painful deprivation.

Best of all, improving your body translates to greater energy, longer healthspan, sharper thinking, greater resilience, and of course, plenty of aesthetic benefits.

Day 6: Biohacking Your Mind’s Cognitive Performance

Our mind largely determines our reality, our quality of life, and our potential.

It’s the most complex structure in the universe. By age five, the brain usually has developed 90%.

Good news.

Contrary to popular belief, we can absolutely improve virtually every facet of brain health and performance:

  • Memory
  • Clarity
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Logic
  • Energy
  • Learning

You’re not stuck with a low “IQ” or an under-performing mind.

The brain has a remarkable ability to change and adapt throughout life (called neuroplasticity). It reorganizes itself in response to learning, experiences, nutrition, and more.

There’s an entire realm of “neurohackers”—folks improving their brains. Although it seems farfetched, cognitive enhancement technologies already exist and certainly work.

Today, after a decade of collision sports (rugby and football) throughout my early life, my mind now works better than ever.

Though they work in different ways, these technologies help protect the brain, improve oxygenation and nutrient delivery, and make it more efficient overall.

Special brain-enhancing supplements called “nootropics” are powerful and among the easiest ways to amplify your mind.

Of course, mastering the basics of health and wellness makes the brain supplements even more effective.

Improve your mind, improve every facet of your life.

If you want to learn the easy and effective way, I’ve put together a free mini-course delivered via email. Join here.

Day 7: Evolving to Bioharmonizing

Biohacking can cause some impressive results and transformations.

At the same time, it often comes with risks, side effects, and unintended complications.

Sadly, biohacking success rarely lasts more than two years. The body adapts to these “hacks” and “quick fixes” and they don’t hold up over time.

In some cases (like with weight loss), things get worse over the long term. Explaining why over 97% of dieters regain all of the weight they lost (and often more).

And this is for some of the more typical biohacks. Extreme biohacks like implanting microchips under the skin or DIY gene modification with a technology like CRISPR-Cas9 sometimes result in catastrophic injury.

By now, you’ve made it quite far. You’re ready to transcend biohacking and go on to a more effective solution. We call it…


This approach uses dual lenses. Looking at everything both through the perspective of:

  • The best technologies and advancements of modern Western science
  • The time-proven ancient wisdom of prevention-based systems like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Principles, etc

It’s one of the fastest-growing trends and the future of biohacking.

Leading to better, simpler, life-long solutions. Without the confusion of contradictory scientific headlines arising every day.

Bioharmonizers are a special breed. They’re in the top 1% of high-achievers and world-class performers.

If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to join our Bioharmonizer Tribe. Click here and let me know your interests.

Biohacking Beginner to Pro in 7 Days (Easy Challenge)

Congrats on making it through all seven days.

If you started from the beginning and made it through each day, then you covered a ton of ground over the last week.

Truth is, if you master everything listed here, you’re well ahead of 90% of the population.

You’ll want to join my email list which consists of thousands of the world’s top biohackers. To get occasional updates on the most important health information, exclusive content, and the greatest deals not found anywhere else. Click here to join.

As you’ve noticed, many of the core biohacking & health optimization practices are free or quite cheap.

When you upgrade to the fancy stuff, you generally get better results or free up more time. It can all get expensive. So you’ll want to check out these top biohacking deals.

If you enjoyed this post, I’d be grateful if you’d send it to a friend or share it on social media.

Have any questions or comments? Drop them below.



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