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71+ Best Biohacking Deals 2024: Holiday Specials

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means Outliyr LLC gets a small commission if you buy (at no cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Biohacking BlackFridayHoliday Deals Sales
Biohacking BlackFridayHoliday Deals Sales

Some biohacking machines, gadgets, and products cost upwards of $5,000.

The little stuff like supplements also add up fast.

Whether shopping for yourself or looking for gifts, this is the internet’s ultimate list for all the very best biohacking sales for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holidays in general.

I’ve scoured the web for discount codes and personally worked with companies to save you money.

Bookmark this page. I’ll update it as brands get back to me with sale details. I also plan to add new deals I come across or that readers point out (comment below if you find anything missing).

Without further ado, here are the best biohacking deals, sales, and promos of 2024.

Wearables & Self-Quantification Device Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales Ultimate brain-enhancing system, combining 5 state-of-the-art technologies into one single device. Whether you want to assess your brain function, practice neurofeedback, do heart coherence (HRV training), or enjoy tech-assisted meditation, you can’t go wrong. I pre-ordered this in mid-2022 and received one of the first units in June 2023. As I explained in my full brain training review, this has been my favorite discovery of 2023. By far. Use code URBAN to save 5%.

Oura Ring: Minimalist, long-lasting, accurate wearable that’s stood the test of time (see my Oura v2 review here). Mainly for sleep and recovery tracking but also logs movement. V3 now tracks daytime stress and HRV. I wasn’t a fan when it first came out, but they’ve made great progress and released tons of new features in 2023. Click the link to get $50 off for existing customers (no coupon needed).

Nutrisense: The best Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) available over the counter. Get yours without a doctor’s prescription. Are innocent foods like kale or broccoli spiking your blood sugar? I made some shocking discoveries using my Nutrisense CGM and interviewed their team on how to use a CGM for biohackers and health optimizers. Use code URBAN for $25 off anytime.

Apollo Neuro: One of few wearables that actively boost your HRV, recovery, sleep, and even focus. It works by shifting your nervous system into parasympathetic rest-and-recover mode via haptic vibrations. Before testing Apollo Neuro I was skeptical, but my self-quantification data doesn’t lie. You can save 10% with code URBAN.

Muse: Quantify your brainwaves to become a better sleeper, meditator, and overall high-achiever. Understand how different lifestyle practices and supplements actually impact your unique neurochemistry. Use code URBAN to save 20%. is an advanced music streaming service that uses neuroscience, psychology, and AI to customize audio to elevate your mind. Choose your goal, desired genre, and power level. Put headphones on and go about your day. optimizes your biology in the background. Click the link to automatically unlock your discount.

Hanu Health: World’s top continuous live HRV biofeedback device with in-app assessments, training exercises, and clinical-grade accuracy. Unlike most wearables that merely tell your score, Hanu interprets it and coaches you toward improving your resiliency. My Hanu review explains some of my unexpected findings from several months of daily use. Leading to greater physical and cognitive performance. For a limited time, use code URBAN to save 40%.

Biostrap: Brand-new Biostrap EVO is the next generation of wearable sleep, recovery, and activity-tracking tech. I’m considering giving up my Oura Ring for the EVO (read my full Biostrap EVO review here). Use code URBAN for 10% off.

BIOSENSE: The most accurate breath ketone meter. Avoid the hassle and cost of constant finger pricks to find out your ketone levels. BIOSENSE brings lab-grade ketone testing to the comfort of your home. Use code URBAN to save $20.

NuCalm: Neuroscience-backed stress-reduction without meditation. A favorite device used by the military, FBI, professional sports teams, and to recover faster from surgery. If you live a fast-paced lifestyle, don’t get enough sleep, or want more energy, my NuCalm review explains why this might be your new gadget. Recently, they dropped their price to be affordable. Get 2 months free on an annual subscription. You can save 10% with code URBAN as well.

Expired Sales

HeartMath: World-class heart rate variability biofeedback devices clinically validated by research. The top choice of medical practitioners for real-time HRV training. 25% off sitewide, including their popular InnerBalance and emWave2. Ships free and no coupon while sale lasts (until 12/31).

WHOOP: Athletes’ choice wearable for the vast amounts of data collected. Unlike the others, the device itself is free with a commitment to a subscription. May have a Black Friday sale.

Biohacking Home Environment Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

AquaCure: Molecular hydrogen is one of the universal essential supplements, backed by thousands of studies for improving nearly 200+ diseases & conditions, as well as enhancing performance. But the tablets get expensive. Eagle Research’s flagship AC50 model does so much more. It has an inhalation method, which within 12 seconds, saturates your blood equivalently to your typical tablet. As I mentioned in my AC50 Brown’s Gas machine review, it creates a trifecta of health compounds. H2, oxygen, and water infused with cellular energy (free electrons). Since I got mine in 2021, AC50 has become my favorite biohack of the year. It’s pricey but the savings on tablets pays for itself over time. Get your new AC50 and save 5% with code URBAN.

AquaTru: Best home water filter. Uses hyperefficient reverse osmosis technology to remove the most possible contaminants. Learn why top water industry experts recommend (and I bought) AquaTru in my review here. Use code URBAN for 10% off products sitewide.

Infopathy Infoceuticals: Capitalize on the future of “digital drugs” and healing substances. Infopathy uses a special device to record the molecular signature of any substance. The technology powering Infopathy uses these “informational copies” to elicit similar, but weaker effects compared to the original compound. This is done by imprinting the molecular signature into water via electromagnetism or replaying it through PEMF audio. I was surprised to notice any effect, but you can check out my Infopathy review to get a deeper view of how it works and much more. Click the link and use code URBAN10 for 10% off site-wide.

EightSleep: Build your ultimate sleep sanctuary by controlling one of the most important determinants of quality sleep—temperature. Eight Sleep systems have been a long-standing favorite among many of the world’s top health optimizers and sleep scientists. Click the link to get up to $500 (and $750 for members) off on the Pod Cover for Cyber Monday. Offer ends 11/30!

Cold Plunge: From accelerating metabolism to acting as a glucose sink, to a cognitive pick-me-up from neurohormonal changes, cold water immersion has become a hot practice over the last few years. This model uses ozone sanitization, self-cleaning filtration, and gets down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Orders placed before 11/28 get 24 months of 0% financing and an extended 5-year warranty free.

HigherDOSE: Build your own wellness spa with high-quality saunas, red light masks, PEMF mats, copper dry brushes, their “biomat”, and more. Their technology accommodates living spaces of any size. My favorite is the HigherDOSE Infrared Mat. Use code NICK15 to save 15%.

SimplyO3: The most popular home ozone therapy system on the market. This is also the system I own and use. Use code URBAN to save 10% site-wide.

Analemma Water Wand: Among the coolest new devices I discovered in 2022, Analemma takes a different approach to upgrading your water quality. This little wand contains highly structured “mother water” which influences and structures any liquid that it contacts. All you have to do is a quick swirl through your water. I was skeptical until I read the research behind Analemma and bought my own. They also released a Whole House Analemma system which upgrades all your tap water with no additional effort. Use code URBAN to save 10%.

LightPathLED: The future of red and infrared light therapy, with state-of-the-art pulsation technology. LightPathLED panels are extremely well-built, and have all kinds of unique features. These contain dual LEDs allowing you to use 100% output on red light, infra-red light, or a mixture of both. Discover other healing benefits of light therapy in this conversation with LightPath LED Founder, Scott Kennedy. Use code URBAN to save an additional 5%.

Luminousred: Some of the best-value red light panels on the market. I own their Model 2 Pro (see my review) because of their unique optimal light angle, dual-function LEDs, low-EMF, and zero-flicker. In my post on healthy home lighting, I explain why most LED lights do more harm than good. Use code URBAN to save $25.

Red Light Man: One of the top Joovv red light therapy alternatives at a fraction of the cost. Ships free. Their signature “Red Light Device” is 20% off, coming in at $260. Making Red Light Man the most budget-friendly panel on the market. Save 10% with code URBAN.

Red Therapy Co: The company behind another popular full-body red light panel called RedRush. Great for athletic performance & recovery, beauty & skin, and overall health & wellness. Use code URBAN for $25 off.

Clearlight Saunas: The original and most popular professional at-home infrared saunas. Well crafted, powerful, and features state-of-the-art designs to help you heal with heat. Options for available for your backyard, or for indoor spaces of any size. The elegant modern look is sure to be a centerpiece of any space. Save by clicking the link and telling them Nick at Outliyr sent you.

SaunaSpace: SaunaSpace combines cutting-edge infrared technology with nature’s ancient wisdom to help you find relief.Near-infrared saunas designed with EMF mitigation in mind. No matter your apartment or house size, one of their models will work for you. If you don’t mind the eyesore of DIY, you can also make your own NIR sauna. Use code URBAN to get 5% off sitewide.

Water & Wellness: The one-stop shop to bioharmonize your home environment. Upgrade your water, air, supplements, and more. Code urban saves you 10%. They have big deals on product bundles during the Holidays. This. is the best time to grab the AquaTru, AirDoctor, H2, or Quinton (more on the benefits of Quinton here).

Somavedic: Beautiful hand-crafted EMF harmonization device that protects against electrosmog and geopathic stress while also structuring water. We want to create spaces where people can feel better, have more energy, more focus and where their relationships thrive. Reduce the damage of WiFi without losing signal, use code URBAN for 20% off.

Expired Sales

Blushield: EMF mitigation technology that harmonizes damaging man-made frequencies into healing frequencies. Confirmed Black Friday sale, details unknown.

Biohacking Cognitive Enhancement & Nootropics Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

Mind Lab Pro: Mind Lab Pro Performance is a brain-enhancing supplement formula composed of the top 11 science-backed, natural ingredients. Their NutriGenesis Multi is their advanced multivitamin formula complete with the daily essentials for men or women. Simply click the link to get your discounts.

Nootopia: I’ve tried 200+ nootropics. These are the best, most well-rounded, and most powerful formulas… hand-crafted to your mind, lifestyle, and goals. I keep my pantry stocked with a few of their products for days when I need to be on my A-game and want maximum support. This premium white-glove experience comes at a cost, but if you take nootropics, the educational resources alone make it worth the cost. My Nootopia review has all the details. Use code URBAN for 10% off. Starting 11/20, save 25% with code URBAN and unlock additional bonuses.

Neurohacker Collective: The company behind the #1 modafinil nootropic alternative. Clinically-dosed products that optimize the body and brain. Expect promos on their best-sellers like Qualia Mind, Qualia Night, Qualia Senolytic, Qualia Resilience, Qualia Skin, Qualia Vision, Qualia Focus & more. Click the link and use code URBAN to get 15% off.

Activation Products: They highlight the use of simple and natural ingredients to make it easy for users to understand what they’re putting in their bodies. Their Ease Magnesium is interesting in that you can even just spray it on your skin and reap the benefits as you would ingesting a magnesium capsule, for example. Click the link to auto-apply discount.

CollaGenius: World’s most potent mushroom superfood powder, infused with collagen and other bioactive ingredients. Despite containing the extract equivalent of 1.2 pounds of mushrooms per serving, it still tastes like a delicious chocolate shake. This was my favorite new supplement of 2022. Code URBAN saves you 10%, but beginning 11/20, that same code gets you 25% off and extra bonuses.

Brain Tap: This system combines many of the top brain enhancement tools into one. Unlike most neurofeedback, which trains the brain into a specific brainwave state (say, alpha), BrainTap gently and dynamically guides the brain into achieving greater coherence. You choose a goal, and BrainTap adapts the algorithms and builds your ideal program. Click the link to save $100, and through Black Friday, up to 40% off.

KetoneAid Exogenous Ketones: Get the same premium ketone salts and esters used to increase mental and physical performance by professional athletes, high-achieving CEOs, and in clinical research. KetoneAid, Inc. was created to leverage the incredible power of Ketones – The athlete’s perfect fuel. Our parallel path philosophy targets not only the elite professional athlete but the weekend warrior as well. Save 10% with code OUTLIYR.

SwissChems: After the legendary vendor went out of business in early 2022, SwissChems bought all of their remaining high-quality inventory. They became one of the top sellers of affordable yet pure nootropics and peptides. SwissChems stocks single ingredients that you won’t find elsewhere. Every ingredient batch is third-party lab tested for purity and safety. Use code URBAN and save up to 50% over the holidays.

Thesis: The only other company customizing supplements to your unique brain. Affordable cognitive enhancers that you actually feel. When I have a big day, I love their Energy, Logic, or Creativity blends. Read my review here. If you want to give them a shot, use coupon code URBAN for 15% off and free shipping on orders over $100.

Troscriptions: Wondering why you constantly see photos of biohackers with blue tongues? Troscriptions is best known for popularizing methylene-blue nootropics. Including Blue Cannatine, a nootropic blend of hemp, methylene blue, and caffeine. And Just Blue. They recently added Tro Calm to their lineup which features a synergistic blend of relaxation/recovery nootropics. Click the link and use code URBAN for 10%.

Natural Stacks: All kinds of supplements, including the original and famous nootropic formula called CILTEP. While most of their products focus on boosting mental performance, they also offer popular magnesium, CBD, and sleep supplements. Code URBAN saves you 10%.

Expired Sales

None 🙂

Biohacking Lifestyle & Clothing Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

Alitura Naturals: One of the cleanest and best-formulated lines of personal care products. In fact, they’ve won numerous awards for clean beauty. And they use the best ingredients of modern science like copper peptide, astaxanthin, sea buckthorn, C60, colostrum, adaptogens, and much more. I use Alitura products daily. Click the link for 20% off.

Earth Runner Grounding Sandals: Adventure sandals that keep you Earthed/grounded anywhere you go. See my post on the health benefits of earthing for more information. Save 10% with coupon code URBAN. During the holidays, that code gets you 20% off.

Ra Optics: Another company well known for beautifully crafted (and effective) blue-blocking glasses. Depending on the model, and unlike most on the market, they block all blue AND green melatonin-suppressing wavelengths of light. These are the ones I have. You can save 20% sitewide with code OUTLIYR between 11/11 – 11/29.

FÜM Essential Oil Inhaler: Hand-crafted wooden “pipe” specially designed for you to get more out of your premium essential oil collection. Add a drop of your favorite oil, inhale, and feel the effects within minutes. Perfect to break up a long day of work without the nasty additives of cigarette tobacco. Use code URBAN for 10% off sitewide.

Living Libations: There are many ways to effectively bioharmonize your beauty, skincare, and overall personal care routine. Skincare routines can get more tedious once you have more products but this is a top choice to make everything less complicated. For some advanced beauty tips and tools, you can check out this interview as well! Click the link to get 10% off sitewide.

Shield Your Body: Great deals on popular EMF-blocking gear and apparel and bioharmonization technologies. Their H.A.R.D device upgrades the quality of your music while also blocking the dirty electricity that flows through your earphones/headphones. The NCB system shields your Earthing devices against unhealthy dirty electricity caused by the grid. Click the link to automatically unlock your discount between 11/15 – 11/21.

Boncharge (formerly BLUblox): Stylish blue-blocking glasses. Different options for every need. From improving sleep quality to reducing daytime eye strain caused by heavy computer usage. Their line of blue-blocking and computer glasses are on sale for 25% off, between 11/17 – 11/30.

Xero Shoes: Well-built “barefoot” shoes backed by an unbelievable 5,000-mile warranty (I can vouch that they honor it). Different models for any occasion. I often wear their multi-purpose Hana model. Up to 70% off barefoot and minimalist shoes without a coupon. Click the link to automatically unlock discounts over the holidays.

Expired Sales

Feelgrounds Stylish Barefoot Shoes: Finally, a pair of minimalist zero-drop shoes that look good. These are next up on my shoe list. Click the link from 11/24 to 11/28 to get up to 36% discount off their barefoot shoes.

Biohacking Supplement Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

BiOptimizers: Highest-rated supplements for everything from building lean muscle mass (MassZymes) to improving cognition (P3-OM), to optimizing your ketogenic diet (Kapex) to keeping blood sugar steady so that you can indulge in holiday treats (Blood Sugar Breakthrough). Makers of the only full-spectrum magnesium supplement (Magnesium Breakthrough). Save 10% with code URBAN.

Amino Co: Amino acids are the building blocks of brain chemicals, hormones, tissues, organs, muscles, enzymes, and overall life. Even the cleanest diet lacks some of the nine essential amino acids (EAAs). EAAs, not BCAAs, have been daily staples of mine for over a decade. But the ratios are key. I’ve switched over to the only brand proven effective and safe in human clinical research. These products are based on 40 years of research, over 100 clinical trials, and over 500 peer-reviewed papers. Click the link and use code URBAN to unlock 20-30% off your orders.

MyVitalC ESS60: A Nobel prize-winning molecule that you’ve probably never heard about has seen ground-breaking research over the recent years, especially for its benefits to the human body. However, if you’re taking one that’s cheap, it’ll cause more damage than good. So it’s important to get one like the ESS60 and similar top-quality C60 supplements that have been processed for safer human consumption! Click the link and use code URBAN for $15 off your first order.

Pure Himalayan Shilajit: An ancient super supplement nicknamed “the conqueror of mountains”, “destroyer of weakness”, and “nectar of the Gods” by different cultures worldwide. Shilajit is a prized adaptogen that increases your ability to absorb everything else. Boosting the value of your supplements while also increasing energy levels, improving athleticism, and balancing hormone levels. Pure Himalayan Shilajit makes some of the best shilajit products available and at great prices. Use code URBAN for 10% off.

Purblack Shilajit: 10% off plus receive a complimentary bottle of Pepts ReVein-ReBrain. Shilajit is one of my favorite supplement ingredients, as it naturally contains 70+ trace minerals, humic/fulvic acids, and enhances the benefits of everything else you consume. Pepts are Purblack’s newest line of peptide bioregulator-like substances that I just began experimenting with. Save while supplies last and use code URBAN.

LVLUP Health Oral Peptides: Needing high-quality peptides and supplements while working with athletes and other high-performers as a naturopath, Kyal Van Der Leest eventually commercialized these formulations. Learn more in this podcast episode with Kyal. These are some of the most advanced, well-formulated, and effective oral peptides and supplements on the market. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think. Click the link and use code URBAN to get 10% off your purchase.

DrinkHRW Molecular Hydrogen (H2): The world’s smallest molecule and one of the top antioxidants on the market. Studied to improve performance as well as in 170+ disease models so far. DrinkHRW makes potent molecular hydrogen tablets created by the hydrogen expert Alex Tarnava. One of the two main H2 pioneers. See my review of the best H2 tablet to understand why DrinkHRW is my top choice. Click the link and use code URBAN for 10% off sitewide.

RnA ReSet: Back when very few companies offered quality magnesium products, Dr. Carolyn Dean released her book, The Magnesium Miracle. This was essentially a game-changer in understanding magnesium and its benefits to our health. Today, her company, RnA ReSet, has produced a variety of potent minerals and formulations to support anyone’s health goals. Click the link to get 10% off on all RnA ReSet products!

Banyan Botanicals: Largest and the top certified organic Ayurvedic herbs, oils, and supplements shop. Carries tons of adaptogens, from stress-relieving Ashwagandha to brain-boosting Gotu Kola. This is my go-to source of the highest quality botanicals. Click the link and use code NICK15 to get 15% off your purchase (valid one time per customer).

Real Mushrooms: The most potent individual mushroom extracts (reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane, chaga, vitamin D, turkey tail, etc) on the market. I use their functional mushrooms every day in my Genius Coffee recipe. My Real Mushrooms review breaks down why they’re the best choice. Use code URBAN for 10% off. Use the link starting 11/24 to get 20-25% off on their Immunity & Herbal Blends Bundles and Good Skin & Hair bundle. They’ve got a 20-25% discount on their pet bundles as well!

Young Goose: Biohack your skincare routine with best-in-class products. Young Goose uses the latest science-backed ingredients to help you radiate while also improving your longevity. Their co-founder, Amitay Eshel, is a wealth of knowledge on all things personal care products. Click the link and use code NICKURBAN to save 5%. If your purchase is worth $399 or more, you get $75 off from 11/26 to 12/01.

Thorne: One of the more trusted, scientifically rigorous, and transparent supplement companies in the industry. They pass Australia’s TGA regulations which applies pharmacetucal standards to dietary supplements. Since the 1980’s, Thorne has become a top source of doctors and health practitioners. Once they opened their doors to consumers, Olympians and other elite-performers chose Thorne due to their well-researched formulations and strict quality control. Click the link and use code URBAN to save 15% on their products.

Dr. Cowan’s Garden: Beyond organic vegetable powders and pantry staples items. This is like Thrive Market but with a major quality upgrade. The only healthy (cold-processed without additives) seed oils I’ll consume. Fill your kitchen with nothing but the best. Use code URBAN any time and click the link to automatically unlock 30% off on Vegetable Starter Kit between 12/12 – 12/13. 40% discount on Summer Savory Jars, High Protein and Kale Powder Jars/Pouches and Kale and an additional discount between 12/14 – 12/15.

Organifi: Highest-quality organic green, red, and gold vegetable superfood powders. Superfood drinks that actually taste good and are also Certified-glyphosate residue free. Great for nutrition while traveling. Code URBAN saves 15% and unlocks additional bonuses during Black Friday.

DoNotAge: Known as a quality purveyor of longevity ingredients, DNA stands apart with their stability guarantee. Every ingredient is guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep with maximum potency. DNA is also the only one to sell a dedicated SIRT6 activating product. They’re beginning to offer biological age testing and a whole suite of other longevity products. Code URBAN saves you 10%.

Lost Empire Herbs: You haven’t experienced the true power of herbal extracts until you take them in their most optimized forms. LEH has different third-party lab-tested ingredients and formulations to support just about any goal. Code CYBER2022 saves you 20% between 11/21 – 11/28.

Five CBD: A hemp company specializing in gummies that include the potent sleep-optimizing cannabinoid, CBN. It also doubles as a relaxing alcohol alternative. They have a variety of other hemp-based products as well. A small dose goes a long way. Use code BOGO between 11/24 – 11/28.

Kion: Meticulously selecting the highest quality natural ingredients and blending them into supplements and functional foods that maximize wellness, performance, and longevity. Popular options include their Essential Amino Powders/Packets/Capsules, Clean Protein, Omega Fish Oil, and many more. Use code URBAN to save 10%.

Expired Sales

Perfect Keto: Carries a wide range of keto-friendly proteins, MCT oils, bars, and nootropics. Currently offering flash “deal of the week” sales.

Biomarker Testing Deals (Blood, DNA, Microbiome, Hormones)

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

InsideTracker: Blood testing service that shows your levels compared to optimal (versus “normal”), integrates with your other wellness devices, and then generates actionable recommendations for you to improve. This is InsideTracker’s best deal of the year. Use code OUTLIYRPRO25 to save 25% site-wide or click the link to get 50% off the bundle plans and 30% off everything else starting 11/17.

SelfDecode: Simple yet thorough actionable recommendations based on your unique genetics. They’re quickly becoming the all-in-one online wellness platform and introducing new features faster than I can keep up with. See my YouTube walkthrough & review here, or my written SelfDecode review here. Use code URBAN to save 10%.

Viome: Quantifies and qualifies your gut microbiome so that you can determine your optimal foods and which “health superfoods” to avoid. Viome’s nutrition recommendations and your unique supplement formula are driven by proprietary RNA sequencing technology and extensive scientific research from top institutes. can also see the effect of major lifestyle and/or diet changes. Viome recently came out with the Health Intelligence biological age testing option. Use code URBAN for 10% off.

Elo Health: Elo is the top personalized nutrition company I’ve come across. Their process is simple. They ship you an at-home biomarker test. A few weeks later, you get back your results. Their AI chooses specific ingredients based on their database of 3,000 human clinical studies. Then you work with one of their health coaches to further personalize your recommendations and lifestyle toward achieving your goals. You receive nutritional products in the mail, and re-test again after 3 months. Quenching all nutrient deficiencies so that you become fully optimized. While supplies last, capitalize on their Early Access Program. Use code NICKURBAN for 1 free at-home biomarker testing kit, 1 free month of personalized nutrition, complimentary dietitian access, and other exclusives. After the first month, the full package comes out to just $99 per month.

Expired Sales

Vessel Health: Use this non-invasive, blood-free, test to determine your status across eight different biomarkers. Accurate, fast, and easy state-of-the-art testing from the comfort of your home. Save 50% until 12/1 with code CYBERMONDAY.

Wellness FX: Thorough blood laboratory testing that gives you beautiful, actionable recommendations to improve. Confirmed Black Friday sale, details not yet disclosed.

Fitness & Recovery Biohacking Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

KAATSU: The undisputed leader of blood flow restriction training. This is the one used by professional athletes, Olympians, military personnel, doctors, clinics, hospitals, and high-performers who demand the best. Their new B1 system features the latest technology and special modes not found in other devices. My favorite is the “KAATSU Cycle”, which stimulates many of the same cardiovascular benefits of endurance exercise, without you having to move. Code URBAN saves you 5%.

Katalyst: Most electro-muscle simulation (EMS) products in the industry have major drawbacks like complicated user interfaces, restrictive wires that limit movement, and require the guidance of an EMS expert. Check out my Katalyst Suit review to learn why this is one of the best fitness systems you can get. Starting 11/07, click the link to save 20% (up to $700) on the full system and get complimentary onboarding with a Katalyst Specialist.

Legion Athletics: Starting your fitness journey and need quality protein or pre-workout? Aside from your usual gym essentials, Legion also has custom meal plans and even all-in-one packages to make everything even easier for you to get started. Click the link and use code OUTLIYR to get 20% off.

Harambe System: Get the benefits of free-weight resistance training with the most advanced resistance-banded system available. I’m currently testing this one out, and you’ll quickly learn why so many X3 customers have made the switch.Harambe gives you a uniquely challenging (and muscle-building) workout from the comfort of your home. Use code URBAN to save 10%.

Kineon: Laser therapy and red light therapy are incredibly popular (and powerful) to accelerate recovery, improve wound healing, and even reduce chronic pain. Don’t let its small size fool you, this is one effective device. You can learn all the science behind it in my conversation with Kineon’s CEO, Forrest Smith. We discussed innovative use cases and the many benefits of laser therapy. Click the link and use code URBAN to 10%!

Rumble Roller: Using a foam roller is one of the cheap yet effective ways to prevent injury, improve workouts, enhance the health of your connective tissue, and accelerate muscle recovery. Having one like the Rumble Roller helps you hit deep tissue work for mobilization and activation without breaking or getting mushy over time. Click the link to buy. You also get free US shipping for orders above $75.

Ice Barrel: Reset your body and mind with an at-home cold plunge. Ice Barrel has become a go-to personal resiliency-building tool, making cold therapy accessible and far more affordable than many of the common models. Allowing you to quickly recover, optimize hormones, and strengthen your body and mind. Use code BFCM to save $200 between 11/14 – 11/28.

B Strong BFR Bands: Often-recommended blood flow restriction training bands for effective workouts, anywhere in the world in minimal time. I personally prefer the powerful, multi-use KAATSU system, but this is a cheaper alternative. Use code URBAN to save 10% and get free shipping.

Power Plate: A multi-function vibration machine that’s become the favorite of elite athletes and big-name celebrities. Power Plate uses proprietary technology to send vibrations through your body. Great to improve circulation and assist lymphatic drainage for natural detoxification; to aid muscle recovery; and even to boost growth hormone levels. Click the link to automatically unlock 25% off all products.

Vibe Plate: Whole-body vibration machines activate 97% of muscle fibers, including those you don’t easily hit during traditional training. This makes it optimal not only for workouts but also recovery and can even be used for lymphatic drainage. The low-impact nature also makes it suitable for almost anyone and safe for daily use. Click the link and use code FREE to get a free VibePlate Mini whenever you purchase any VibePlate, model 2424 or bigger from 11/21 to 11/28.

Expired Sales

Marc Pro: An electronic stimulation device used by professional and recreational athletes alike to recover fast. The less time you spend recovering from intense exercise, the greater your ability to perform. Use code RECOVER to save 20% site-wide.

X3 Bar: The team responsible for popularizing training with heavy-duty resistance bands. Bring a minimalist and portable gym everywhere you go. X3 is a set of powerful high-quality resistance bands with a special bar for a great workout. Save $100 off the X3 Elite. No code needed.

Apps, Productivity, & Technology Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

IrisTech: Saves your vision, reduces nervous system stress, and block blue light without the eyesore. You’ll also walk away from your computer at the end of a long day feeling energized. IrisTech is a massively upgraded version of f.lux/NightShift with more controls and unique features. It eliminates screen flicker (PWM), which you don’t notice but taxes your nervous system and ability to recover. Toggle between different modes, disable color modification for color-sensitive apps (Photoshop, video editing, etc), and put your computer into the ideal mode for reading articles without eye strain. In my IrisTech review, I explained why I’ll never go back to NightShift, f.lux, or the Twilight apps. Use the free version, or use code URBAN to save 10% when you upgrade.

Make Automations: Whether you’re running a multi-million dollar business, or just want the convenience of automating the boring stuff in your life, technology can help. Make allows you to connect almost any apps together. Freeing up your time and energy to focus on what matters. Many companies use the original tool called Zapier but it’s prohibitively expensive and you get far less. I built my business on Make, and it allowed me to scale without hiring any employees. Click the link for access to their forever-free plan, and only upgrade if you need to.

AppSumo: My go-to platform for buying tools, apps, and software to optimize workflow and productivity. Get amazing lifetime deals on powerful software. I use about 7 of their apps every day. Ditch annoying monthly subscription fees and join the future of technology. Click the link to get 10% off their Black Friday specials.

MailerLite: There’s no better way to virtually forge lifelong relationships and build a community and business than through email. Hands down, MailerLite is the best way to do so. Completely free up to 1,000 subscribers and comes with all the advanced features needed for effective email marketing campaigns. Click the link to automatically save 90% off your first month with MailerLite starting 11/16 to 12/07.

ZenCastr: Everything you need to record, edit, mix, produce, and host your podcast, all in one tool. Record in 4K video quality (and ultra-HD audio) with as many guests as you’d like. Get your analytics and easily collaborate with potential advertisers on the platform. Letting you spend more time doing what you love. Get started for free, or use code nicku to save 20% on premium plans.

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None 🙂

Food & Drink Biohacking Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

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Wild Pastures Meat Subscription Box: Meat can be a potent source of nutrition and wellness. Or of concentrated toxins and stress hormones. What if there was a way to get the absolute best, grass-finished, pasture-raised, wild-caught meat and seafood that actually regenerates the environment and tastes delicious? Enter Wild Pastures. The only food subscription I have. As I describe in my Wild Pastures review, it’s super customizable, tasty, and best of all, considerably cheaper (and much higher quality) than even Trader Joe’s! While the deal lasts, click the link to secure 20% off all orders and free shipping for LIFE.

Paleovalley: The cleanest, most powerful natural foods, snacks, and whole food-based supplements on the market. From their fermented beef sticks to their superfood energy bars, to their grass-fed bone broth protein powder, I’m never without Paleovalley. Click the link to automatically get 15% off.

Hard Ketones Healthy Alcohol Alternative: Enjoy the holidays with a drink and a nice buzz without derailing your health with the only ketogenic booze on the market. Since it contains zero ethanol, you avoid the hangover caused by dehydration and toxic acetaldehyde. The taste is reminiscent of a hard seltzer, leading to the nickname “buzz with benefits”. Read my Hard Ketones review (which contains an even better discount), and use the code OUTLIYR for free shipping. Click the link to get 50% off the Hard Ketones Trial Pack and this link will also save you 50% on Snake Water. Both offers are available until 11/28.

TRU KAVA: World’s finest “noble” kava oil, shots, and tinctures. Try the traditional alcohol alternative prized in the South Pacific islands for over 3000 years. High-quality kava boosts sleep, mood, sociability, relaxation, crushes stress, reduces cravings, enhances focus and creativity, fights pain, and reduces inflammation. Use code URBAN for 10% off.

Drinkmate: Drinkmate allows you to carbonate any liquid. Unlike SodaStream, you can easily inject bubbles into cocktails and other healthy drinks. Economical, easy, and environmentally friendly. Code BLACKFRIDAY22 saves you $40 over the holidays.

Mayu Swirl: Restructure and aerate your water back to its optimal and healthy state. This one looks nice and is quite simple. Click the link to automatically unlock discount of $50 off over the holidays.

Expired Sales

Kin Euphorics: Producer of beautiful, clean nootropics-infused drinks. Commonly used as an alternative to booze. Confirmed Black Friday sale.

Bulletproof: Usually has decent discounts on their line of supplements, collagen, protein bars, oils, and nootropics.

Mercola Market: Amazon for vetted (and trusted) safe and effective products. Select Black Friday flash sales.

Biohacking Education, Learning, Resources

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

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CHEK Institute: The ultimate bioharmonization training program. Whether you want to understand Integrated Movement Science better than 99% of personal trainers, Holistic Health & Performance better than most doctors, or make your living helping others as a coach, this education offers it all. My CHEK Institute review will cover the must-knows for these courses. Make no mistake, Paul Chek goes deep into root cause science. Chek Practitioners are a special breed (as one, maybe I am a little biased). Click the link to save up to 30% from 11/24 to 11/27.

Ultimate Nutrition System: Ditch the generic health & biohacking advice with a complete system tailored to your unique biochemistry. Don’t let the name fool you, this goes way beyond nutrition. This just may become the last health optimization resource you need. I dive deep into this system in an interview with Wade Lightheart. He’s the Co-Founder of BiOptimizers, and we discuss why this is unlike anything you’ve tried before. Get a 10% discount on BiOptimizers’ products with code URBAN.

FDN Education: Reed Davis, Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, developed a lab-based, step-by-step system to uncover health issues, identify healing opportunities, and take the right biomarker tests. The FDN is simple enough for anyone to learn, and comprehensive to add knowledge to even the skilled practitioners. Check out my conversation with Reed on the history and many intricacies of the program. Click the link to get $1,250 off if you pay in full and $1,000 off payment plans from 11/24 to 11/27.

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None 🙂

Get Deals on the Best Biohacking Products

Between red light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, rife machines, molecular hydrogen generators, near-infrared saunas, and foundational biohacking supplements, biohacking can get expensive.

Instead, go slow and build your ultimate biohacking palace over time.

Hopefully, these discounts I’ve gathered help.

Whether you’re stocking up for friends, family, or a significant other, the best biohacking gift deals are always around the holidays.

Especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Strike while the latest cutting-edge gear is heavily discounted.

Looking for information instead?

Pick up any of the dozens of best biohacking books on Amazon’s occasional flash sales. Check out some of these health optimization certifications, programs, and courses.

Remember, many of the top biohacks are free. Master those before springing for the latest gadgets and nutrients.

What am I missing? Drop a comment below or let me know of any new sales you find. The biohacking community appreciates your help.

Happy holidays!


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  1. Hey Nick,
    I’d live to send you some of my Acid-Kicking Products to see if you’d be interested in being an affiliate. Our most popular product is my Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkakizer – a scooo of powder you add to your coffee (acid fighting minerals, MCT, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, fat burning enzymes) which neutralizes all the ACID in the coffee so now you get the upside minus the downside. We also have the purest most alkalizing greens and minerals. I see you also have a podcast, so awesome! My specialty is GutFitness, inflammation, acidity. I was recently on Skinny Confidential and it was one of her most popular podcasts. Would love to send you my supplements, my 2 books (Get Off Your Acid and Get Off Your Sugar).
    Dr Daryl Gioffre


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