33 Best Biohacking Sales, Deals & Discounts [2021]

Now’s the best time of the year to stock up on biohacking gifts, gadgets, and supplements at unbeatable prices. Prices have normalized after the holiday madness, and companies are looking for ways to boost sales. What does this mean for us?

Great deals on favorite biohacking devices.

I’ve personally talked to the ones below who’ve confirmed that they will offer exclusive discounts. 

Bookmark this page. I’ll update it as stores get back to me with sale details. I also plan to add new deals I come across or that readers point out (contact me if you find anything missing!).

Without further ado, here are the best biohacking deals, sales and promos of 2021.

Wearables & Self-Quantification Device Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

Biostrap: Brand-new Biostrap EVO is the next generation of wearable sleep, recovery, and activity tracking tech. I’m considering giving up my Oura Ring for the EVO. Use code URBAN for 10% off.

NutriSense: The only company offering Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) over-the-counter. No doctor’s prescription needed. Are innocent foods like kale or broccoli spiking your blood sugar? I’m testing their CGM now. Use code URBAN for $25 off.

NuCalm: Neuroscience-backed stress-reduction without meditation. A favorite device used by the military, FBI, professional sports teams, and to recover faster from surgery. If you live a fast-paced lifestyle, don’t get enough sleep, or want more energy, NuCalm might be your new gadget. Recently, they dropped their price to be affordable. Get 2 months free on an annual subscription with code NUCALM20ANNUAL or 50% off your first month on a monthly subscription with code 2020NuCalm20.

Expired Sales

Oura Ring: Minimalist, long-lasting, accurate wearable that’s stood the test of time (see my review here). Mainly for sleep and recovery tracking but also logs movement. $50 off Black Friday sale (no coupon needed).

HeartMath: World-class heart rate variability biofeedback devices clinically validated by research. The top choice of medical practitioners. 35% off sitewide, including their popular InnerBalance and emWave2. Expired 12/31/20.

WHOOP: Athlete’s choice wearable for the vast amounts of data collected. Unlike the others, the device itself is free with commitment to a subscription. Had a Black Friday sale.

Biohacking Lifestyle & Home Environment Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

AquaTru: Best home water filter. Uses hyperefficient reverse osmosis technology to remove the most possible contaminants. Learn why top water industry experts recommend (and I bought) AquaTru in my review here. Use code HI10 or bp10 for 10% off products sitewide.

Luminousred (Light Therapy): Newest and most high-tech red light panels on the market. I own their Model 2 because of their unique optimal light angle, dual-function LEDs, low-EMF, and zero-flicker. In my post on healthy home lighting I explain why most LED lights do more harm than good. Use code URBAN for a $20 discount.

Red Light Man: One of the top Joovv red light therapy alternatives at a fraction of the cost. Ships free. Their signature “Red Light Device” is 20% off, coming in at $260. Making Red Light Man the most budget-friendly panels on the market. No coupon needed.

Red Therapy Co: The company behind another popular full-body red light panel called RedRush. Great for athletic performance & recovery, beauty & skin, and overall health & wellness. Use code URBAN for $25 off.

Somavedic: Beautiful hand-crafted EMF harmonization device that protects against electrosmog and geopathic stress while also structuring water. Reduce the damage of WiFi without losing signal, use code URBAN for 10% off.

BLUblox: Stylish blue-blocking glasses. Different options for every need. From improving sleep quality to reducing daytime eye strain caused by heavy computer usage. Their line of blue-blocking and computer glasses are on sale for 20% off, no coupon needed.

Ra Optics: Another company well known for beautifully crafted (and effective) blue-blocking glasses. Save $45 when you buy the blue-blocking and computer glass bundle. No coupon necessary.

Xero Shoes: Well-built “barefoot” shoes backed by an unbelievable 5,000-mile warranty (I can vouch that they honor it). Different models for any occasion. I often wear their multi-purpose Hana model. Up to 60% off barefoot and minimalist shoes without a coupon.

FÜM Essential Oil Inhaler: Hand-crafted wooden “pipe” specially designed for you to get more out of your premium essential oil collection. Add a drop of your favorite oil, inhale, and feel effects within minutes. Perfect to break up a long day of work without the nasty additives of cigarette tobacco. Use code URBAN for 10% off sitewide.

Expired Sales

Blushield: EMF mitigation technology that harmonizes damaging man-made frequencies into healing frequencies. Confirmed Black Friday sale, details unknown.

Earth Runner Grounding Sandals: Adventure sandals that keep you Earthed/grounded anywhere you go. See my post on the health benefits of earthing for more information. Confirmed Black Friday discounts starting at 20% sitewide. The larger your order, the higher your discount percentage.

Biohacking Supplement Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

Neurohacker Collective: The company behind the #1 modafinil nootropic alternative. Clinically-dosed products that optimize the body and brain. Expect promos on their best-sellers like Qualia Mind, Qualia Night, and Performance Bundles. Use code URBAN to save 15% sitewide.

Real Mushrooms: The most potent mushrooms (reishi, cordyceps, lions mane, chaga, vitamin D, turkey tail, etc) on market. Use code URBAN for 10% off sitewide.

DrinkHRW Molecular Hydrogen (H2): Potent molecular hydrogen tablets created by Alex Taverna, one of the two H2 pioneers. See my review of the best H2 tablet to understand why DrinkHRW is a great choice. Use code URBAN for 20% off sitewide.

Troscriptions: Wondering why you constantly see photos of biohackers with blue tongues? Troscriptions is known for Blue Cannatine, a nootropic blend of hemp, methylene blue, and caffeine. Use code URBAN for 10% off.

Perfect Keto: Carries a wide range of keto-friendly proteins, MCT oils, bars, and nootropics. Currently offering flash “deal of the week” sales.

Expired Sales

Organifi: Highest-quality organic green, red, and gold vegetable superfood powders. Great for nutrition while traveling. 20% off sitewide for Black Friday. Free shipping on 11/30.

BiOptimizers: Highest-rated probiotics for everything from building lean muscle mass (MassZymes) to improving cognition (P3-OM), to optimizing your ketogenic diet (Kapex). The only full-spectrum magnesium supplement. 10% off and $78 of freebies with code BLACKFRIDAY10 between 11/28 and 11/30.

Banyan Botanicals: Largest and the top certified organic Ayurvedic herbs, oils, and supplements shop. Carries tons of adaptogens, from stress-relieving Ashwagandha to brain-boosting Gotu Kola. Use code GLOWING to save 20% on herbal oils, balms, and soaps. Ended 12/31/20.

Biomarker Testing Deals (Blood, DNA, Microbiome, Hormones)

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

SelfDecode: Simple yet thorough actionable recommendations based on your unique genetics. SelfDecode customizes blog posts to your unique genetics. They’re quickly becoming the all-in-one online wellness platform. See my SelfDecode review here. Use code GETSELFDECODE10 to save 10%.

Viome: Quantifies and qualifies your gut microbiome so that you can determine your optimal foods. Confirmed Black Friday sale, details not yet disclosed. Use code URBAN for $10 off.

Expired Sales

Wellness FX: Thorough blood laboratory testing that gives you beautiful, actionable recommendations to improve. Confirmed Black Friday sale, details not yet disclosed.

Fitness & Recovery Biohacking Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

B Strong BFR Bands: Top-of-the-line blood flow restriction training bands for effective workouts, anywhere in the world in minimal time. Use code URBAN to save 10% and get free shipping.

Expired Sales

X3 Bar: Bring a minimalist and portable gym everywhere you go. X3 is a set of powerful high-quality resistance bands with a special bar to give you a uniquely challenging (and muscle building) workout. Use code BlackFriday2020 to save $100.

Marc Pro: An electronic stimulation device used by professional and recreational athletes alike to recover fast. The less time you spend recovering from intense exercise, the greater your ability to perform. Use code RECOVER to save 20% site-wide.

SaunaSpace: Near-infrared saunas designed with EMF mitigation in mind. No matter your apartment or house size, one of their models will work for you. If you don’t mind the eyesore of DIY, you can also make your own NIR sauna. 20% off Black Friday sale from 11/26-11/27. 10% off 11/28-11/30. Additionally, on 11/30 also get a FREE Photon with Purchase of a Luminati or Faraday Sauna.

Food & Drink Biohacking Deals

Discounts and sales will be updated here as I discover more.

Current Sales

None 🙁

Expired Sales

Kin Euphorics: Producer of beautiful, clean nootropics-infused drinks. Commonly used as an alternative to booze. Confirmed Black Friday sale.

Bulletproof: Usually has decent discounts on their line of supplements, collagen, protein bars, oils, and nootropics.

Mercola Market: Amazon for vetted (and trusted) safe and effective products. Select Black Friday flash sales.

Biohacking Promos Not to Miss

Looking for information instead?

Pickup any of the dozens of best biohacking books on Amazon’s occasional flash sales.

Last year I delayed too long. I hesitated on pulling the trigger on three fancy devices. I waited for prices to fall further and they never did. I bit the bullet and purchased my AquaTru at full price. Don’t make my mistake of waiting. Supplies are usually limited and other biohackers act quickly.

Whether you’re stocking up for friends, family, or a significant other, the best biohacking deals are always around the holidays. Especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Strike while the latest cutting-edge gear is heavily discounted.

Remember, many of the best biohacks are free. Master those and you’ll deserve the latest gadgets and nutrients.

What am I missing? Let me know of any new sales you find. The biohacking community appreciates your support.

Happy shopping!

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